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Get Moving.

Cynthia Brown, event coordinator at Hot Springs Convention Center, aboard the Segway HT. Cynthia Brown, event coordinator at Hot Springs Convention Center, aboard the Segway PT.  
Case study:

In early 2003, Gordon Mahoney, Deputy Director of the Hot Springs Convention Center in Hot Springs, Arkansas, saw a news item on the introduction of the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) and immediately thought that the device might be helpful in his job.

A short time later he purchased a Segway PT, and never looked back. Today, the inventive device plays an integral role in the operation of his sprawling, multi-use facility.

"When I first received the Segway PT I personally used it every day to get around our 360,000- square-foot facility," says Mahoney. "We host many large meetings and conventions, and the PT was so much faster than walking and it really saved my feet. I could get anywhere in our facility in a very short time."

As time passed Mahoney began finding other uses for his PT. "Our operations staff began using the Segway PT to make their rounds, unlocking all the doors when we open, and closing them up at the end of the day," says Mahoney. "They also used it for security patrols.

"Later, our event coordinators began using the PT to respond to client requests, and this greatly enhanced our customer service capabilities. Of course, our clients were very curious about the machine and how it operates, so we began giving a lot of little test drives," recounts Mahoney.

"Now we offer the use of our Segway PT to meeting planners who use our meeting and convention facilities, and they love it," says Mahoney. "It is another way that we differentiate ourselves from other facilities, and it really does save our customers a lot of time. We give them a short training program when they arrive and off they go. They find it very easy and fun to use."

To find out more about Segway PT applications for your facility, or to arrange for a demonstration of the Segway PT, please call 1-866-4SEGWAY.