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Get Moving.

Case study:

Hyatt logoHyatt Regency Coconut Point is a 456-room luxury hotel set amid the lush flora of the Estero Bay peninsula, just north of Bonita Springs, Florida. According to Bob James, director of security, the hotel has been using the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) since November 2004 to provide comprehensive security to its guests.

“We have eight officers trained on our two Segway PTs and they use the machines on a routine basis for patrols and for responding to guest calls,” says James. “The hotel has large outdoor parking areas surrounding the hotel as well as covered parking, and we patrol both areas on the Segway PT. We had previously covered these areas on foot, so the Segway PTs have helped us tremendously on these patrols. Periodically, we also send our officers out to just observe things. They may find a spot adjacent to the parking lot and just watch for a while to see that everything is OK. The Segway PTs are very quiet so they can move about without being noticed.”

According to James, using the Segway PT has also reduced response times to guest calls. “When a call comes in to the security office, one of our officers will use the Segway to quickly get to the elevator and then from the elevator to the room,” says James. “Also, if there is a medical problem anywhere on the grounds our officers can grab their medical gear and respond very quickly. This is very important when you have a property as large as Coconut Point.”

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