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Enhanced range, courtesy of lithium-ion.

Two batteries Segway Inc. has been working with Valence Technology, a leading developer of safe, efficient, energy delivery systems to develop a lithium-ion battery for use with the Segway PT. The new Segway Lithium-ion Battery Pack features Valence's proprietary phosphate-based Saphion® lithium-ion technology. Saphion is safe and stable, which makes it ideal for everyday use. It also provides a longer service life than the standard Segway PT NiMH batteries.

Segway's new lithium-ion batteries offer customers the value of longer range and the convenience of spending less total time on the charger. This new offering also increases the Segway PT's utility in service industries such as security details and courier service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I purchase a set of lithium-ion battery packs for my existing Segway HT?
Lithium-ion battery packs will eventually be made available as an accessory for existing owners of all Segway i Series models. Use of the lithium-ion battery packs will require a software upgrade, which will be provided for owners who purchase them. There are no plans at present to make a version of the lithium-ion battery packs for p Series or e Series owners.

Q. When will lithium-ion battery packs be available for purchase as an accessory?
It is expected that lithium-ion battery packs will be made available for purchase as accessory for existing owners in the summer of 2005. Purchase of the battery packs will require a software upgrade.

Q. Can I travel with lithium-ion batteries?
You can ship your lithium-ion battery-equipped machine anywhere by ground transportation. However, our lithium-ion batteries are not appropriate to be shipped by air at this time (including airline travel).

Q. Are the lithium-ion battery packs the same size as the Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery packs?
The lithium-ion battery packs are the same dimensions of the NiMH battery packs, except they are one inch deeper. This means that a Segway i Series equipped with lithium-ion battery packs will have three inches of ground clearance, instead of the four inches available with NiMH.

Lithium-ion Battery Pack přehled specifikací:
  NiMH Saphion Lithium-Ion
Battery Capacity: 220 watt hours (Wh) 400 watt hours (Wh)
Gentle, level riding
12 miles (approx.) 24 miles (approx.)
Aggressive, hilly riding
8 miles (approx.) 15 miles (approx.)
Charge Time: 5 hours (approx.) 10 hours (approx.)
Temperature Range*: 41-120°F14-120°F

* Performance may be decreased at extreme temperatures. Performance estimates based on 25°C (77°F) ambient air temperature.