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Get Moving.
i180 Police in use.i180 Police in use.
The i180 Police:
Customized for the needs of police

The Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) i180 Police is a versatile and productivity-enhancing policing solution, designed specifically for the needs of police officers. Based upon the rugged Segway PT i180 platform, it features long-lasting Saphion® lithium-ion batteries and includes the following components:

  • Quick Time-Out Key enables you to step off and have your unit automatically shut down in 5 seconds
  • Handlebar Guard protects your Segway PT and is perfect for mounting lights, sirens, a GPS unit, and other accessories that utilize round handlebar clamps
  • Comfort Mat alleviates fatigue that can occur when standing for long periods
  • Reflective Trim helps establish your presence and enhance officer visibility in the dark or in high-traffic locations
  • 12.0 Handlebar & 25.0 Side Cargo Bags offer various storage options for emergency and other patrol equipment
  • LED Tail Light attaches with versatile clip and alerts traffic to your presence

The i180 Police maximizes a police officer's visibility, as well as his or her ability to be seen by others. Raising an officer an additional eight inches off the ground, it places an officer a clear head above the crowd. That means that an officer will be seen when they need their presence felt. Segway PT riders have superior sight lines for traffic management, crowd control, and community policing. The Segway PT i180 Police allows officers to become more approachable, and to respond more quickly to emerging situations.

The i180 Police readily navigates a wide range of operating environments and terrain. The extended-range batteries deliver an impressive range of up to 24 miles on a single charge, depending on terrain, riding style and payload. Saphion lithium-ion batteries are low-maintenance, have a long service life and can operate at battery temperatures as low as 14° F (-10° C).

In addition to the redundant safety features and the durable engineering at the heart of all Segway PT models, the i180 Police comes equipped with a number of standard features. Power assist mode allows you to move the device up and down stairs more easily. The control shaft is adjustable to the comfort of the rider and allows the Segway PT to fit in the trunk of many cars. To help prevent theft, each Segway PT comes with its own set of keys, encoded with a unique 64-bit security identification. The i180 Police also comes with a mechanical parking stand. Like every Segway PT, the i180 Police has very low maintenance costs associated with daily use.




i180 Police Specifications at a Glance:
Maximum speed: 12.5 mph
Carrying capacity: 260 lbs
Footprint: 19 x 25 in
Weight: ~ 83 lbs
Battery type: Two lithium-ion battery packs
Battery range: 15-24 miles
Motors: Two brushless, DC servomotors
Wheels: 14 in glass-reinforced thermoplastic
Tires: 19 in tubeless, puncture-resistant
Platform height: 8 in
Ground clearance: 3 in
Display: Multicolor backlit LCD