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Get Moving.
The Segway GT on the golf course.
Introducing the Segway GT.
It could even help your golf game.

The Segway® Golf Transporter (GT) is our personal transporter configured to give golf enthusiasts a new way to cruise the course. With extended-range batteries, a golf bag carrier rack, and enhanced traction tires, the Segway GT provides the golfer all the tools needed to experience the game in a fun, unique way.

The Segway GT is built upon the same architecture as the flagship i180 model and comes well-equipped with features to enhance the golf experience. It features Saphion® lithium-ion batteries that provide a range of up to 14 miles (on the course, up to 22 miles off the course) depending on terrain, riding style and payload—more than enough for 36 holes of golf.

The golf bag carrier secures the golf bag to the right side of the Segway GT. Adjustable straps secure the bag to the carrier and can accommodate most golf bags. The carrier functions as a stand for the unit when it's time to play, making it easy to access the clubs. Like all Segway HTs, the Segway GT can stay powered on while the rider takes his or her shot, allowing for quick mounting and dismounting and thus, speedier play.

Enhanced traction tires come standard on the Segway GT and help the golfer follow the action over the varied landscape of the course. These tires are made of a special compound and feature a unique tread optimized to perform well on low-traction surfaces. The low-pressure pneumatic tires (15-20 psi) are softer on course terrain than other vehicles traditionally used.

Using the Segway GT on the course makes for a unique experience. Since the platform is eight inches off the ground, riders get a great vantage point of the fairway. The Segway GT moves two to three times walking speed and can help the rider move from point to point quickly, while still enjoying his or her surroundings. And like all units in the Segway product line, the Segway GT is zero-emissions, almost silent and extremely energy efficient.


The Segway GT Links package includes:
  • Handlebar Guard
  • Scorecard Holder
  • Beverage Cooler


GT Specifications at a Glance:
Maximum speed: 12.5 mph
Carrying capacity: 260 lbs
Footprint: 19 x 25 in
Weight: ~ 95 lbs
Battery type: Two Saphion® lithium-ion battery packs
Battery range: 10-14 miles on the course;
15-22 miles off the course
Motors: Two brushless, DC servomotors
Wheels: 14 in glass-reinforced thermoplastic
Tires: 19 in tubeless, puncture-resistant enhanced-traction
Platform height: 8 in
Ground clearance: 3 in
Display: Multicolor backlit LCD