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Segway PT p133 sepcifications

The p133 is our smallest and lightest Segway® PT model. It was designed to easily navigate in congested pedestrian environments, be taken on a train or subway, and operate where bikes, cars, and people come together. Learn more about the p133.


Detailed Specifications:


Top speed and turning rate

The maximum forward speed and turning rate of your Segway PT can be set at different values based upon which key is used:
  • Beginner Key (black):
    Maximum speed: 6 mph (9.6 km/h)
    Slower turning rate

  • Intermediate Key (yellow):
    Maximum speed: 8 mph (12.9 km/h)
    Medium turning rate

  • Advanced Key (red):
    Maximum speed: 10 mph (16 km/h)
    Most responsive turning rate


6-10 miles (9-16 km) on a single charge

The range for each Segway PT model varies with terrain, riding style and payload. Under normal riding conditions, you can expect to ride about 8 miles on a single charge. Riding on flat surfaces and at constant speed will help increase your range.

Operating temperature range

When stored and charged at room temperature, the p Series can operate in environments ranging from 40º to 122ºF (5º to 50ºC). Actual performance is dependent on battery temperature, terrain, riding style and payload.


The p133 is designed to operate on smooth, even surfaces. The Segway HT's inertial sensors constantly monitor the rider's position relative to gravity. This allows the Segway HT to adjust for changes in terrain while keeping the rider upright.


Total capacity (rider & cargo): 210 lbs (95.3 kg)
Rider: 100-200 lbs (45-91 kg)

The Segway PT p133 is optimized for portability and can carry a rider up to 200 lbs. It can also be fitted with an optional front bag that stores up to 10 lbs. of small gear.


Platform height: 6.7 in (17 cm)
Footprint: 16 x 21.8 in (41 x 55 cm)

We designed the Segway PT to take up no more space than the average person. But the p133's smaller size allows you to more easily partner with other forms of transportation, such as the bus, your car, or even a packed subway.


70 lbs (32 kg)

When we created the Segway PT p133, portability was a key design objective. The lighter weight of the p133 makes it easier to transport and store. The p133 is the easiest Segway PT to fit in the trunk of many cars.

Turning radius

One characteristic of a pedestrian is the ability to turn in place without impacting any nearby person or object, something few vehicles can do. By balancing on a single axle, Segway PT users can also turn in place.


Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery Packs

The p133 has been outfitted with two 48 cell NiMH battery packs. The batteries are designed with on-board electronics that automatically monitor both the condition and temperature of the batteries. Batteries can be recharged by utilizing any 90 to 260 volt and 50 to 60 Hz AC outlet (typically accessible in most countries). A complete cycle charge will take four to six hours, which at 10 cents per KW-h, equates to less than 10 cents of electricity. NiMH batteries are designed for approximately 300-500 full charge/discharge cycles.

Range, battery life and recharge times can be affected by factors such as terrain, temperature, speed of operation, rider weight and load, proper storage techniques and environmental conditions.


Redundant electrical systems.
Robust mechanical systems.

Safety is our top priority in both design and operation. To help ensure that both Segway PT users and those near them remain safe, we built redundancy into the balancing and electrical systems. If any system begins operating at diminished capacity, the other is programmed to assume responsibility. This allows the Segway PT to maintain balance and bring the rider to a safe stop.

The highest design standards were implemented in building the Segway PT's mechanical structures, and each part has been thoroughly tested and analyzed to ensure such high standards were met.