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Case study:

Securiguard logoSecuriguard is the largest privately held security company in British Columbia, Canada, employing more than a thousand people and serving hundreds of corporate, municipal and government clients. Lead by president Darcy Kernaghan for more than 30 years, Securiguard has always been at the forefront of innovation and technology, and it came as no surprise that they were among the first security firms in North America to employ Segway ® Personal Transporters (HTs) in their operations. According to Sam Ciacco, Director of Finance for Securiguard, Segway PTs have been instrumental in helping their company to quite literally stand out in the crowd.

“We introduced the Segway PT at the Vancouver International Airport where we have more than 200 employees providing core security for the facility,” says Ciacco. “We were initially attracted to the Segway by the added 8 inches in height it provides the rider. We’ve spent many thousands of dollars designing uniforms that are high visibility, but they’re pointless if you have a crowd of hundreds of people and a guard standing in the middle of them. With the added height of the Segway PT you can really identify our security is around, and the officer also has better sight lines. The added visibility of our officers is very important to making the guests at the airport feel secure.”

According to Ciacco, the Segway PT is used continually throughout the day by the supervisors. It is outfitted with a cargo bag and carries the company colors and logo decals.

“Our supervisors and patrollers use the Segway PT to patrol the concourses and surrounding baggage and ticketing areas,” says Ciacco. They really like it because they can cover a lot of area in a short period of time, and the public – well, they just love it. They stop the guards all the time and ask questions, which is great because interaction is important to us. They might have seen one on TV or have heard about it on the radio, but they’ve never seen one up close. So when they see it in action, they get very excited.”

The head office management use the company’s other Segway PT to travel to client presentations in downtown Vancouver. “We also use it when we are presenting to a new client about a particular security challenge that might be addressed by using this machine,” says Ciacco. “Our clients are very impressed by our use of this technology, and it has more than once set us apart from other firms. We are hoping to put additional units in service at other client facilities, including shopping malls and warehouses. Any facility with a large patrol area or big crowds is an ideal situation for using the Segway PT.”

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