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Community Policing

Torremolinos, a town in the Province of Málaga on the Sun Coast of Spain, receives a tremendous amount of tourists each year in search of the pleasure of its beaches and numerous attractions. One of the city’s primary goals is to assure a safe and comfortable stay for its visitors. After considering several options, the city council found a solution to improve and facilitate the local patrolman’s task.

The decision was made to use the Segway ® Personal Transporter (PT), an intelligent and ecological personal transportation device, to patrol the township. Torremolinos has purchased eight Segway PTs to patrol the beachfront promenade as well as the rest of the narrow, hard-to-reach streets and passageways that comprise this seaside locality.

The Segway PT offers capacity for fast and precise mobility, allowing more efficient deployment of police personnel. It also yields environmental benefits like zero emissions, increased productivity and the use of existing infrastructures. The Segway PT, rechargeable at any electrical outlet, allows officers more extensive visibility, versatility, mobility and load capacity, all achieved by employing the most advanced technology available.

Pedro Fernández Montes, the Torremolinos Mayor said, “The Segway PTs are highly useful for local Police agents since they no longer have to endure long walking patrols during hot mid-day summer hours. As a result, they remain physically sharp when required to snap into action.”

The implementation of this solution, the first of its kind in Spain, is showing very positive results. Since the Segway PT is completely electric, it produces no contaminating emissions and is perfectly quiet; both essential characteristics for beachfront patrol. In addition, this intelligent transportation device can operate in a variety of weather conditions.

With the use of the Segway PT, the local Torremolinos Police force is making their presence known much more effectively, giving them more visibility and thus reinforcing security. In summary, this seaside locality improves police agents’ coverage of the seafront promenade using the Segway PT making it a perfect partner for their midday patrols under the relentless summer sun.

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